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Course Synopsis

本课程主要针对幼小衔接的幼儿,以幼儿生活化语言启蒙为中心,通过看图说话学习,帮助幼儿积累词汇,培养幼儿的倾听能力和口语表达能力,提高认知能力和思维能力,课程会以在线课堂的形式通过有趣丰富的多媒体视频、动画、字卡、游戏、自创音乐情景教学法以及适合幼儿喜爱的方式,让幼儿玩中学,乐中学,充分发挥幼儿的想象力,发散思维能力,训练语言表达能力,在线互动中会有互动性、趣味性、提升幼儿的学习兴趣,在有趣的互动中去体验学习。 为了培养幼儿的语感,每日一读是必须养成的好习惯,在课程当中根据幼儿的年龄特点选择不同类别的朗读题材,让幼儿运用朗读小技巧,在课程结束后幼儿大胆自信地将内容朗读的形象、生动、具体。态度自然、大方、有礼貌、声音适度。

This course is mainly aimed at preparing young children for transition to primary school education. It is focused on the language that children will use in daily life. Through practising picture talk, children start to accumulate vocabulary, cultivate their listening skills and oral expression skills, and which in turn improve their cognitive and thinking skills. The course would be conducted online with the use of interesting and rich multimedia videos, animations, word cards, games, and self-created music scene. Children learn through play and have fun learning and at the same time, they develop their sense of imagination and divergent thinking ability and language expression. The online lessons are designed to be fun and interactive to stimulate children's learning interest. To cultivate children’s language skill, daily reading is a good habit that must be developed. In the course, different types of reading themes are selected according to the children’s age characteristics, so that children can pick up reading skills. And at the end of the course, children would be able to confidently read with expression and with appropriate and natural disposition and attitude.

Course Objectives

  • 幼儿能够观察图片,展开联想。Children can observe pictures and make associations.
  • 幼儿能够观察图片说出内容。Children can observe the picture and describe the picture.
  • 幼儿能够进行思维扩散,有顺序地将图片内容说出来。Children can engage in thought diffusion and to describe the picture in an orderly manner.
  • 幼儿能够练习吐字发音基本功。Children can practice the basic skills of pronunciation and enunciation.
  • 幼儿能够在朗读时让声音圆润饱满有感情。Children can recite with emotion and in a full and mellow manner.

Course Outline

  1. 看图说话《食物篇》 Picture Talk “Food”
  2. 朗读—儿歌 Reading Aloud: Children Songs
  3. 看图说话《沙滩篇》 Picture Talk “The Beach”
  4. 朗读—古诗 Reading Aloud: Ancient Poems
  5. 看图说话《图书馆篇》 Picture Talk “Library”
  6. 朗读—绕口令 Reading Aloud: Tongue Twister
  7. 看图说话《日常生活篇》 Picture Talk “Daily Life”
  8. 朗读—童谣 Reading Aloud: Nursery Rhymes
  9. 看图说话《旅行篇》 Picture Talk “Travel”
  10. 朗读—诗歌 Reading Aloud: Poetry


Certificate from A DREAM ACADEMY upon completion of entire 10 sessions
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