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This is your gateway to the magical world of Electronics and Robotics. We will learn basics of Electronics and will begin learning Robotics using Arduino. We will study the electronic devices and key components like Diode, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, ICs, etc. These are all considered as the basic building blocks of any circuit, and you need to learn these in order to build Robots. We will also learn about interfacing of Arduino (Microcontroller) with various electronic hardware components using virtual simulation techniques.

Course Synopsis

This is an Instructor Led course and totally Interactive and hands-on, you just have to ensure a good internet connection. By the time this course will be over, your vision about machines will change and you will be comfortable working with Electronics and Arduino platform. The course can be taken by anybody who is interested in Robotics, irrespective of their age. Engineering undergrads can also join.

You will get lifetime access to PDFs, Arduino C code files, and complete circuit diagrams for the lectures, recording of the lectures will be made available

Course Outline

Introduction to Electronics
  • Difference between electronics and electrical term
  • Introduction of all components used in basic electronics like diode, LED's, motor, resistor, capacitor, etc
  • How these are important in Robotics
  • What is circuit
  • How to make a proper circuit?
  • How to make a circuit in Robotics
Resistor, Capacitor, Diodes, Transistor
  • Introduction to resistor, capacitor, diodes and transistors
  • Their uses in electronics field
  • Their practical uses in Robotics
Introduction to Arduino and basic C programming
  • What is a microcontroller?
  • Difference between microcontroller and microprocessors
  • Programming basics with hands on projects
  • Installation of IDE
  • introduction about sensors
  • Controlling LEDs using codes and sensors
  • How to calibrate sensors
  • Project based on sensors
Live Projects
  • Manual Traffic Lights
  • Automated Traffic Lights
  • Controlling motor using sensors
  • Few more simple projects
  • Wired Robotic Car
  • Obstacle avoiding Robot using IR/Ultrasonic sensors
  • Summing up and doubt clearance


Certified by Techprolabz: School of Robotics
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