Josiah Montessori World Explorer Series: Zoology

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Josiah Montessori World Explorer Series: Zoology

This Zoology series will cover 4 themes: Pets, Farm animals, Wild animals and Sea creatures. This course aims to introduce the various types of animals in their different habitats. This interactive course on zoology is integrated with the necessary domains for child development including language, numeracy, motor skills development, aesthetics and creative expression and social emotional development.

In each theme, students will learn about some animals in different habitats, including what the animals like to do, eat and the sounds they make.

Target Group: 2.5 – 4 years old

The courseware is designed for parents/caregivers/teachers as a tool to introduce zoology to toddlers in a fun and engaging way. The interactive courseware is accompanied by a step-by-step guide for parents/caregivers for enhanced use of the courseware.

Course Outline

Theme 1: Pets
  • Introduction to Pets
  • Pets at Home
Theme 2: Farm Animals
  • Introduction to Farm Animals
  • Farm Animals and its habitat
Theme 3: Wild Animals
  • Introduction to Wild Animals
  • Adventure in Wildlife
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