Martial Arts for Resiliency: Kali (Sample)

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Much of what kids learn in martial arts is through them having fun!

Children need to have a high level of fun and engagement at all times. The essence of what it means to be a child is characterized by playing, pretend fighting and having imaginative adventures, whether it’s playing with toy lightsabers or swashbuckling with pirates with foam swords.

Our Kali course focuses on marrying both elements of fun and fundamental footwork and movement drills that students can learn independently. We encourage using these common props and toy implements to add value to the development of their physical coordination and movement skills through our course.

Course Objectives

  • Footwork and Mobility in all directions.
  • Striking with Single weapon while moving
  • Co-ordination drills with Double weapons
  • Striking with Double weapons while moving.
  • This course is suitable for children between

    7 – 12 years old

    Course Delivery and Duration

    4 hours


  • 2m x 2m space to move
  • Padded sticks or foam swords
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    Lesson 1 - Footwork
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