Primary One Preparatory Class 《小一预备班》

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The course covers basic language and comprehensive abilities such as reading and understanding Chinese texts. In Singapore, the promotion of kindergarten to primary one is a problem that many parents pay close attention to and discuss. For example, how many words do children know; Poor oral expression; Unable to read and understand the passage; Lack of interest in Chinese and so on. The key period to learn a language well is childhood. If you miss it, you will regret all your life. Agape Little Uni has seen parents’ doubts and heard children’s voices. In order to cultivate children’s reading interest and self-confidence, it launched this course “primary one preparatory class”.
This course is aimed at children over 6 years old, using multimedia teaching strategies such as interesting animation and interactive games to strengthen children’s reading and understanding ability and enhance children’s self-confidence. At the end of this course, children can use words to make sentences, master basic quantifiers and vocabulary, read and understand short chapters, improve and develop language and intelligence, and enter primary school with confidence.


Curriculum Features

The 12 course, concentrating essence, ingenuity research and development, rapidly improve children’s language use and coping ability: 12节课程,浓缩精华,匠心研发,快速提升幼儿的语言运用和应对能力:

  • One of the characteristics: high quality content and multi-dimensional learning 特色之一:高品质内容、多维度学习
    • The content covers quantifiers, sentence making and short passages, reading and understanding questions and answers, etc 内容涵盖量词、造句和短文阅读和理解问答等
  • Feature 2: diversified forms and emphasis on skills 特色之二:形式多样重技巧
    • The classroom form is novel, and a variety of teaching methods are combined: teacher explanation, game interaction, offline homework, etc 课堂形式新颖,多种方式结合授课:教师讲解、游戏互动、线下作业等
    • Teach the skills of understanding questions and answers, so that children can easily and happily master the skills of answering questions 传授理解问答的技巧,让幼儿轻松快乐掌握回答问题的技巧
  • Feature 3: the most perfect language learning process 特色之三:最完善的语言学习过程
    • Listen – read – play – record – share 聆听—阅读—游戏—录音—分享
  • Feature 4: there are skills in review after class 特色之四:课后复习有技巧
    • Establish interactive learning 建立互动学习

Teaching Strategy

  • Technology software 科技软件
  • Animation 动画
  • Group / individual learning presentation 小组/个人学习展示
  • Watch videos and pictures 观看视频和图片
  • Four ways to make you love learning Chinese 四方法让你爱上学华文
    • Four methods: Story method, game method, creative method and operation method. 四方法: 故事法、游戏法、创意法和操作法。
      • The children were impressed by different words from vivid and interesting stories 从生动有趣的故事中引出不同的词汇,孩子印象深刻。
      • Matching different games can enhance learning interest and teach for fun 配搭不同的游戏能提升学习兴趣,寓教于乐。
      • Learn to make up sentences creatively and use them flexibly 学习创意编句,活学活用。
      • Through operation activities, we can review the old and know the new 通过操作活动,起到温故而知新。
In teaching, the use of different methods in combination with children’s online interaction is also one of the components of teaching strategies. 在教学中,把不同方法融会贯通地穿插运用,结合孩子的线上互动也是教学策略的组成部分之一。

Target Age Group

Children over the age of six

Learning Hours

  • The total course is 12 class hours 总课程为12节课时
  • Zoom online teaching, each class is 60 minutes Zoom线上教学每节课为60分钟
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