s/n Course Name Completed users Incompleted Users Course completion percent
1Magic Transformation Series: Alphabet A - E54011.11
2Magic "火"1325
3Read Aloud Series: Book A - E1411610.77
4Magic Transformation Series: Alphabet F - J1185.26
5Magic Transformation Series: Alphabets K - O1420
6Magic Transformation Series: Alphabets P - T1233.33
7Magic Transformation Series: Alphabets U - Z1420
8Magic "A" (Sample)21710.53
9ADream 汉语拼音 Level 12625
10奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 小班《抱抱》1516.67
11奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《神秘的生日礼物》21214.29
12奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 大班 《When I Grow up》2166.67
13Holiday Enrichment Programme1313.13
14Learn English with Bobo (Animals)2306.25
15Read Aloud Series: Book F - J136616.46
16Stellar Programme: Save My Earth74513.46
17Drama and Language Building Programme3925
18Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 1-3)1150
19Junior architect with Minecraft - Build your own Hotel! - Intake 11150
20Junior game designer with scratch (Intermediate)1100
21Junior game designer with scratch (Advance)1100
22Junior architect with Minecraft - Architecture History!- Intake 11150
23Junior architect with Minecraft - Construct a Rollercoaster!- Intake 11233.33
24Stellar Programme: Nature, Weather & Seasons105315.87
25The Food Producers - Plants3925
26Magic Transformation Series: Numbers1214.55
27Read Aloud Series: Book A - B72621.21
28Learn English with Bobo Series #1: Body Parts81285.88
29Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 1)1516.67
30Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 2)1100
31Junior architect with Minecraft - Construct a Rollercoaster!1150
32Junior architect with Minecraft - Architecture History!1325
33Junior architect with Minecraft - Build your own Hotel!1150
34ADream 汉语拼音 Level 21150
35ADream 口才训练营1516.67
36Junior game designer with scratch (Intermediate Bootcamp)1150
37Junior game designer with scratch (Advance Bootcamp)1233.33
38Anh-Viet Storybook Lessons: Everyday Communication Skills Series11664.71
39Dindy the Dinosaur124100
40Baby On The Go Series #131516.67
41Read Aloud Series: Book C (Trial)21611.11
42Jurassic World4930.77
43Learn English with Bobo Series #2: Actions4389.52
44Read Aloud Series: Book K – O42613.33
45Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A) - Part 131318.75
46Kickstart English Programme Level 1B: All About Me51426.32
47Learn English with Bobo Series #3: Feelings1442.22
48Stellar Programme (Intermediate): Nature, Weather & Seasons1175.56
49Stellar Programme (Intermediate) - Nature, Weather & Seasons (Sample)137215.29
50Stellar Programme (Advanced): Save My Earth (Sample)112530.56
51Primary One Preparatory Class 《小一预备班》2250
53Kickstart English Programme Level 1A: Alphabets & Phonics (1)149912.39
54A Picture for Harold's Room1614.29
55Baby On The Go Series #21233.33
56Dancepointe Sample Course4100
57A Life is Born3633.33
58Umi the Unicorn's Noodles3260
59Drew's Skating Adventures3350
60Lights and Shadows4100
62Planets and the Solar System2250
63Kickstart English Programme Level 1C: Ignite Your Senses4450
64Kickstart English Programme Level 1D: My Family3827.27
65Stellar Programme: People In My Neighbourhood113424.44
66First Touch: Volume 12257.41
67Fun with Alphabets1721.37
68Read Aloud Series: Book P – T3925
69Read Aloud Series: Book U – Z21710.53
70Learn English with Bobo Series #4: Family31715
71Martial Arts for Resiliency: Kali1137.14
72Learn English with Bobo Series #5: Food1118.33
73Test - Acktec Dev Team4100
74Jumping Frogs2433.33
75Stellar Programme (Intermediate): Myself1516.67
76Learn English with Bobo Series #6: Food2722.22
77Super Brain (Level 1) : Memory1137.14
78Read Aloud Series: Book F (Sample)31121.43
79Harold's Trip to the Sky1420
80Learn English with Bobo Series #7: Toys1420
81Learn English with Bobo Series #8: Colors1325
82Learn English with Bobo Series #9: Clothes1516.67
83Learn English with Bobo Series #10: Park1420
84Learn English with Bobo Series #11: Pets1233.33
85Learn English with Bobo Series #12: Farm Animals1150
86"Yes, I See!" Series: Volume 13348.11
87Garden Patch: Toddler Edition2340
88Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Toddler2340
89Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 51100
90Super Brain (Level 1): Logic1614.29
91IGCSE English as a Second Language (0511)1150
92IGCSE Accounting (0452)1233.33
93IGCSE Science– Combined (0653)1233.33
94JR. Architect Minecraft Bootcamp32212
95Science Book 3 (Sample)5100
96IGCSE Mathematics (0580)1233.33
97Super Brain (Level 1): Concentration1420
98ICGSE Biology (Lower Secondary)1100
99White Belt Foundation 11811.11
100Garden Patch: Kinder Edition1614.29
101Kickstart Science1420
102Financial Literacy for Kids!1325
103Kickstart English Programme: My Community1100
104Kickstart English Programme: All about Animals1150
105Primary 1 Science1614.29
106Living Qur'an SD 1-3 - Pintar Hijaiyah Sambung & Belajar Peduli Sesama1233.33
107I Luv Quran1614.29
108Primary 2 Science1100
109K-Pop Dance Class3175
110汉学乐 (Sample)2250
111AOR Drum Course1516.67
112Kickstart English Music and Movement1150
113Ballet Class1150
114Harold and the Purple Crayon110
115Harold and the Purple Crayon (Student's Edition)20
116Getting Started with Electronics and Robotics60
117Stellar Programme (Advanced): Save My Earth520
118Read Aloud Series: Book A - E (Sample)140
119Interactive Storybooks (Sample)10
120Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner Bootcamp)30
121奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《爱捣蛋的小脾气》10
122奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《我有一个秘密》20
123Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 3)20
125Magic Transformation Series: Words370
126Holiday Enrichment Programme (No Mandarin)10
127English Speech & Drama: Make Believe Rabbit Adventures1290
128First Touch: Volume 250
129First Touch: Volume 330
130Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 160
131Josiah Montessori World Explorer Series: Zoology30
132Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 220
133Game On!170
134Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 310
135Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 410
136Harold's Circus40
137Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A) (Sample)70
138Kickstart Mathematics Level 170
139Baby On The Go Series: Bonding Moments150
140Baby On The Go Series: Montessori Moments50
141"Yes, I See!" Series: Volume 1 (Sample)20
142IGCSE Science– Combined (0653)40
143Great Wall Chinese: Essentials in Communication Level 620
144“Yes, I See!” Series: Volume 2120
145Martial Arts for Resiliency: Kali (Sample)60
146Fun with Alphabets (Sample)10
147Super Brain (Level 1): Memory (Sample)30
148ICGSE Accounting20
149ICGSE Mathematics (Secondary 1)30
150ICGSE Mathematics (Secondary 2)20
151ICGSE Chemistry (Lower Secondary)10
153Harold and the Purple Crayon (Sample)160
154Harold's Trip to the Sky (Sample)10
155Harold's Circus (Sample)30
156The Tale of Peter Rabbit60
157Stellar Programme (Advanced): Occupations60
158Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A) - Part 230
159Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A) - Part 330
160Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A) - Part 420
161Kickstart English Programme: Move Around10
162Super Brain (Level 1): Spatial60
163Stellar Programme (Intermediate): Fruits30
164Primary 3 Science80
165Primary 4 Science10
166Primary 5 Science10
167Primary 6 Science10
168White Belt Foundation 230
169Primary 1 Mathematics10
170Primary 2 Mathematics60
171Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1B) - Part 140
172Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1B) - Part 220
173Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1B) - Part 310
174Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1B) - Part 410
175汉学乐 (下)40
Course completion rate: 18%

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