s/n Course Name Completed users Incompleted Users Course completion percent
1Magic "A" - "E"31121.43
2Magic "火"1325
3Read Aloud Series: Book A - E2199.52
4First Touch2166.67
5Interactive Storybooks21115.38
6Magic "F" - "J"1100
7Magic "K" - "O"1100
8Magic "P" - "T"1100
9Magic "U" - "Z"1100
10Magic "A" - "E" (Sample)1712.5
11ADream 汉语拼音 Level 11516.67
12奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 小班《抱抱》1150
13奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《神秘的生日礼物》1516.67
14Holiday Enrichment Programme1214.55
15Read Aloud Series: Book F - J4736.36
16Stellar Programme: Save My Earth74314
17Drama and Language Building Programme2722.22
18Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 1-3)1150
19Junior architect with Minecraft - Build your own Hotel! - Intake 11150
20Junior game designer with scratch (Intermediate)1100
21Junior game designer with scratch (Advance)1100
22Junior architect with Minecraft - Architecture History!- Intake 11150
23Junior architect with Minecraft - Construct a Rollercoaster!- Intake 11233.33
24Stellar Programme: Nature, Weather & Seasons84914.04
25The Food Producers - Plants2820
26Magic Numbers1420
27Read Aloud Series: Book A - B32411.11
28Learn English with Bobo Series #1: Body Parts1118.33
29Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 1)1150
30Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 2)1100
31Junior architect with Minecraft - Construct a Rollercoaster!1150
32Junior architect with Minecraft - Architecture History!1325
33Junior architect with Minecraft - Build your own Hotel!1150
34ADream 汉语拼音 Level 21150
35ADream 口才训练营1420
36Junior game designer with scratch (Intermediate Bootcamp)1150
37Junior game designer with scratch (Advance Bootcamp)1233.33
38Anh-Viet Storybook Lessons: Everyday Communication Skills Series3260
39Dindy the Dinosaur29100
40Jurassic World3827.27
41Learn English with Bobo Series #2: Actions1420
42"Yes, I See!" Series2625
43Read Aloud Series: Book K – O2433.33
44Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A)3537.5
45Kickstart English Programme (Level 1): All About Me2528.57
46Learn English with Bobo (Feelings)1516.67
47Stellar Programme (Intermediate) - Nature, Weather & Seasons (Sample)121741.38
48Stellar Programme (Advanced): Save My Earth (Sample)32212
49Primary One Preparatory Class 《小一预备班》1233.33
51Kickstart English Programme (Level 1): Alphabets & Phonics (1)1325
52Dancepointe Sample Course1150
53A Life is Born1233.33
54Umi the Unicorn's Noodles1150
55Drew's Skating Adventures1150
56Lights and Shadows4100
58Planets and the Solar System1233.33
59Kickstart English Programme (Level 1): Ignite Your Senses1150
60Kickstart English Programme (Level 1): My Family1150
61Stellar Programme: People In My Neighbourhood31516.67
62First Touch: Volume 11233.33
63Fun with Alphabets1233.33
64Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course1100
65Harold and the Purple Crayon80
66Harold and the Purple Crayon (Student's Edition)20
67Getting Started with Electronics and Robotics50
68Stellar Programme (Advanced): Save My Earth60
69Hello, Day!10
70Read Aloud Series: Book A - E (Sample)110
71奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 大班10
72Learn English with Bobo (Animals)190
73Interactive Storybooks (Sample)10
74Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner Bootcamp)20
75奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《爱捣蛋的小脾气》10
76奥尔夫音乐启蒙课: 中班《我有一个秘密》20
77Junior game designer with scratch (Beginner 3)10
78Baby On The Go Series #180
79Read Aloud Series: Book C (Trial)100
81Stellar Programme (Intermediate): Nature, Weather & Seasons50
82Magic Words20
83"Yes, I See!" Series: Volume 110
84“Yes, I See!” Series: Volume 210
85A Picture for Harold's Room50
86Baby On The Go Series #210
87Holiday Enrichment Programme (No Mandarin)10
88English Speech & Drama: The Tale of Peter Rabbit360
89First Touch: Volume 210
90First Touch: Volume 310
91Read Aloud Series: Book P – T10
Course completion rate: 22%
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