Specially designed programmes for young children to help them open up to the IT world

Cyberland International Education Centre was established to promote creativity, innovation and lifelong learning. Our programme allows active young learners learn to solve problems, create their own interactive stories and games whilst expressing themselves clearly. They will learn an array of programming tools to make their stories and characters come to life with just a click of a button!

Learning Scratch for Beginners

Are you looking to let your child learn how to code but unsure where to start? Take our coding course to learn the basics of the Scratch platform, and try out some of our interactive activities! Increase your child's interest in coding and watch their imagination come to life through our course.

Learning Digital Art for Beginners

Does your child have a creative interest? Let your child grow their creativity expression through our basic digital art class! They will get to learn different basic digital art techniques throughout this course. Enrol them now and nurture your child into little digital artist!

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