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Hi, we are KeXueJia !

A children's programming school established in Beijing Haidian District. KeXueJia was founded on the 27th of November 2017 by parent company 红薯叶科技 (Beijing). Over at KeXueJia, we focus on equipping your child with the best programming skills touching on topics such as big data and AI (artificial intelligence) with our core team from Huawei, Baidu and Alibaba.

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Our pedagogy

Over at KeXueJia we focus on hands-on learning and sharing
of the thought process with others so that our students can
truly understand, master and apply what has been taught.

Our achievements

Our parent company has been awarded 3A "7 certificates and 1 brand" certification: 3A grade corporate credit rating, 3A grade corporate credit rating, 3A grade integrity supplier, 3A grade integrity management demonstration unit, 3A grade contract and trustworthy unit, 3A grade quality service integrity unit, Chinese integrity entrepreneur, and 3A grade credit enterprise.

Our founder, Mr. Deng Cheng Cong, has recieved many notable achievements which includes the Huawei President's Award, the Baidu President's Special Award, and is the highest score in the history of TOGAF Registered Architects worldwide.

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