Baby On The Go

Developed by infant-toddler specialists from one of Singapore’s Best preschool Josiah Montessori, Baby On The Go is a learning companion for new parents and their babies.

Apart from learning how to care, breast feed and change diapers for your baby, have you ever wondered how you can help to accelerate your baby’s cognitive skills according to his/her developmental stages? Studies show that children absorb new information in the fastest rate between the age of 0-6 years old and this window of acceleration growth cannot be replaced if we miss it.

How about parenting skills? Would you like to learn how to parent with grace and a rested heart?  Want to know when a cry is a sign of pain or is it simply a tantrum? Or simply how to spend your time in a more fruitful manner rather than just watching videos and playing toys?


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Then you NEED the Baby On The Go Learning Companion! Here’s WHY:

  • Be your baby’s FIRST teacher by learning from the experts!

Engage your baby like an expert and know the science behind why you do what you do and how to adjust the activities according to your child’s age and capabilities.

  • Accelerate your baby’s cognitive skills ahead of others!

Do you think Peek-a-boo is just a fun game to make them laugh? Absolutely not! Learn how brain synapses are added by just engaging with all the activities we have planned for your baby and how this can make a difference in their future learning capabilities.

  • It is fast, convenient and easy to remember

We have crafted our programme to be bite-sized! Each session is between 3-9 minutes. So when you are on the go, you can watch and catch some snippets, get back on it when you are ready and spend time playing with your baby based on all the tips and classes you have watched!

  • Attend a class anytime and anywhere you want

You can attend a “class” with our infant-toddler specialist whenever, wherever and as often as you want!

  • Build an Epic Childhood for your baby to remember The Josiah Way!

After every lesson, take some snapshots of your baby in “class” and create a milestone eBook exclusively chronicling your baby’s growth and development! You can even download and print a keepsake album!

We will be guiding you through on: 

  • Setting up a conducive learning environment for your baby
  • Learning to read your baby’s cues and understand what your baby likes or dislikes
  • Ways to bond with your baby through soothing massage methods
  • Teaching your baby how to communicate their needs through signing
  • Choice of toys that will accelerate your baby’s cognitive skills
  • Interactive activities to engage your baby’s interest

How many lessons do I need to attend?

Because we want to see you through your parenting journey and your baby’s growth every step of the way, we will meet you for live lessons once a week and we provide video lessons to ensure your baby gets enough variety, repetition and familiarity in their learning every step of the way! With these pressure free and bite sized lesson modules, you can enjoy Baby on the Go anytime, anywhere!


So join Josiah Online Preschool now! Limited pax per live class.

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Baby On The Go


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