Drama and Language Building Programme

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The Drama and Language Building Programme for Pre-Schools will open a whole new world for children to explore, imagine, discover and develop the English language through dramatic and creative play. Using important pedagogical tools for learning and fostering language skills, the programme will empower the child, build interpersonal skills, illustrate core values, and develop confidence whilst providing a platform to learn and use the English Language to verbalise thought, feeling and to follow through with physical expression.

Specification: Drama and Language Building Programme

Age Group 3 - 4 YO4 - 5 YO5 - 6 YO
Course Tier
Language ENG

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to use the English Language through Drama

Through the episodes and accompanying activities, children will be encouraged to imagine and play. Dramatic play is the creation and imagination of a situation or scenario that is brought to life. It is highly beneficial in making the learning of the English language contextual as children begin to understand words used and apply them within the context of the scenario.

  • Build Vocabulary

In each episode, we will highlight words that are important to the story, repeat them throughout, and encourage children to repeat and recite along with us. Repetitive words can benefit in building vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Introduction to Basics of Acting   

Through the use of role playing, children step into a different world where they imagine becoming another character. They learn to think, feel and act like the character thereby developing important life skills such as empathy, kindness, and thoughtfulness.

  • Use of Voice and Body for Expression

Children learn how to incorporate the use of their body when they move as a character and even focus on using their vocal range to sound like the character. In this way, they are learning how to be creative through the use of their imagination.

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Drama and Language Building Programme
Drama and Language Building Programme


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