Game On!


by Artistic Strategies

Course Information

As part of this challenge, children get to choose a character to accompany on an exciting adventure.
They help the character tell a story and in doing so, learn impactful storytelling techniques.
There are five levels to this adventure and each level focuses on a particular part of the story.
The best part is they get to earn points throughout the adventure to motivate them.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, children will learn:

1) The basic structure of storytelling
2) How to describe characters and events
3) Choose the best ideas to include in their stories

Course Outline

Level 1: Introducing the story
Level 2: Running into a problem
Level 3: The most exciting part of the story
Level 4: Solving the problem
Level 5: Ending the story

Course Duration

8 hours


Basic level of reading in the English Language

Basic level of reading in the English Language

  • Children aged 6-8 years old (where the first language is English)
  • Children aged 9-11 years old (where the first language is not English)

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