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The REAL Kids learning materials are designed with young learners in mind. The materials are interactive and will surely spark children’s natural curiosity and love for learning. It contains fun and engaging activities that challenge children to develop their reading, writing, pre-number, counting, scientific inquiry, thinking skills, and positive characters.  

This programme is suitable for children aged 6. 

Specification: Holiday Enrichment Programme

Age Group 5 - 6 YO
Course Tier
Language ZHENG

English Module

The English module provides the opportunities to develop basic phonetic skills which will help to develop a strong foundation for reading readiness. Learning phonics boosts children’s literacy and gives them a love of reading and writing in English from an early age. In this programme children will be taught through a range of engaging activities to help them identify the relationship between sounds and spelling and to develop their ability to read and write words. The English module comes with online interactive activities as well as offline activities where you can download the additional activity sheets for extra practice. 

Activities designed for 6 years old introduce children to five long vowels and the long sound words. In this module, we introduce the Vowel Teams rules to help children to read. Children are also exposed to new vocabulary and short sentences that will enhance their application of phonic skills. This will help them to develop a strong foundation for reading readiness. 

Mandarin Module

The Mandarin module allows children to learn basic Mandarin words as well as the basic structure of Hanzi and also the Mandarin grammar. Besides, children can get in touch with some classic Mandarin literature such as the Tang poem and the transformation of Hanzi in an interesting way. 

The most interesting part of the activities designed for 6 years olds is that we will bring the children back to the ancient time to learn some classic Mandarin knowledge. Children will learn the content and recite a Tang poem which is from the Chinese Tang dynasty. They will also learn the interesting history of Hanzi, they will learn how the transformation of some particular Hanzi from a picture to the Hanzi we are using now. However, the activities design also included the Mandarin grammar like radical practice, stroke counting, stroke order and Hanyu Pinyin. 

Mathematics Module

The Mathematics module progressively introduces developmentally-appropriate mathematical concepts to ensure that each concept is easily grasped, providing children with a real sense of achievement throughout. In order to foster interest and genuine appreciation in Mathematics,  various engaging activities are designed to promote critical thinking that facilitate real-life experiences. 

Activities designed for children aged 6 years old further develop children’s numeracy skills that form essential foundations for more advanced Mathematics in later stages. Children are introduced to the concept of numbers 1-10, number 0, more/ less/ equal, before/ after/ in between number, ascending/ descending numbers, odd/ even numbers, numbers 11-20, tens and ones as well as more/ less/ equal (within 20).

Science Module

The Science module gives children the opportunities to take on the role of ‘scientist’ to discover the wonder of everything around them through a collection of interesting science experiments. The experiments are written selectively to help children understand important science concepts through hands-on learning, where they learn by doing. Experiment materials and apparatus are common household items that can be easily scouted for a sensory-rich exploration. While the process of conducting the experiments allows children to directly observe and understand what is happening, children also develop new skills as they form predictions and record observations and findings during these experiments.

We highly encourage parents’ involvement in this module as parents guidance will help children to feel the excitement of observation and discovery. This will promote growth in thinking and problem-solving skills as well as successful experiences that ensure the development of a positive attitude towards science.

The 6 years old will explore the science behind these experiments, namely Frozen Delight, Water pressure, Water Magnifier, Fun with Parachute and Shadow Play.

Kindness Module

Last but not least, in the kindness module, we hope to nurture kindness in children. We have put together fun animated videos and activities to encourage children to be kind to people, things, animals and the Earth. Children will have the opportunity to complete the activity online and offline such as to design their own thank you card to appreciate people around them, learn to sort the recyclable items and many more. 

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