Jurassic World

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Enter the dangerous and exciting mission to explore the Jurassic World through a series of interactive STEAM-based hands-on activities. Explorers will travel to Prehistoric times to learn about the different types of dinosaurs through a 3D virtual tour. Explorers will put on the hat of a palaeontologist and experience fossil digging through a simulation. Find out our food producers through a series of interactive STEM-based hands-on activities. Explorers will discover the different parts of plants and learn the stages of growth for plants by growing a seed of their own.

Specification: Jurassic World

Age Group 5 - 6 YO> 7 YO
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Language ENG
Themes S.T.E.A.M.

Course Description

Introduction to Jurassic World

– Learning and identifying the different types of dinosaurs

– Understanding the work of a palaeontologist learn about the different tools that are used to excavate dinosaur fossils



– Touring the lands via the 3D Virtual Tour to discover dinosaur fossils

– Inference and investigative skills of determining the dinosaurs’ diet based on physical evidence such as the number of feet


Use Shapes to Create Dinosaurs

– Practising their creativity by identifying which shapes would be suitable to create their dinosaur features eg. Long rectangle to simulate the long neck of a Brachiosaurus

Age group

4-7 years old

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