Kickstart English Programme (Level 1A)

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by Bluetree Education
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The ‘KickStart’ English Course by BlueTree aims to teach children English in a fun and engaging way. We believe in using differentiated teaching strategies and fun hands-on activities that support a thinking culture where students gain confidence and pride in their work. KickStart incorporates storytelling and games such as word jumbles and matching games to spark off children’s interest in English. Students will gain confidence as they learn the beauty of the English Language and use it to express themselves clearly.

Specification: Kickstart English Programme (Level 1A)

Age Group 5 - 6 YO> 7 YO
Course Tier
Language ENG

Learning Objectives

At the end of KickStart (Level 1A), children will be able to effectively:

1. Alphabets & Phonics (I)

  • Recognise and write the letters of the Alphabet and differentiate upper- and lower-case letters.
  • Introduce themselves to others confidently.
  • Identify initial consonant and vowel sounds and the letters that represent those sounds.

2. All About Me 

  • Identify the different parts of the body.
  • Describe themselves and others effectively.
  • Use correct pronouns to suit the context.
  • Able to read and understand a short text to answer questions.

3. Ignite Your Senses 

  • Identify and match the five senses with the correct part of the body that helps us to perceive the world and their functions.
  • Identify singular and plural forms of body parts.
  • Identify and recognise verbs.

4. My Family

  • Identify and recognise the names of different members in a family unit.
  • Draw a family tree.
  • Write their own invitation card.
  • Know when to use the correct punctuations in simple sentences.

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Kickstart English Programme (Level 1A)
Kickstart English Programme (Level 1A)


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