Little C-Explorers

A bundle specially curated for parents or children who are keen to learn Mandarin in a cross-disciplinary way. This is recommended for children aged 5-7 years with the ability to understand some basic Chinese. It consists of STEAM courses from art, music and coding that are taught in Mandarin, to provide the environment and exposure for children to quickly pick up Mandarin and STEAM skills!

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Looking for STEAM courses to engage your child? We have curated a special package just for that! Our Little C-Explorers package offers courses that nurtures your child’s creativity, problem-solving and thinking skills. Click on the different tabs to find out more information about each of the courses included in this package.

The courses offered in this package are taught in mandarin, and includes:

  • Magic Transformation Series: Words
  • Basic Scratch Course 《少儿编程基础课》
  • Orff Music Enlighten Course (Intermediate) 《奥尔夫音乐启蒙课:中班》

Magic Transformation Series: Words

In this series, your child will be able to tap on their creative side and transform what they have learned through the use of art. Your child gets to learn new vocabulary words and apply the learning creatively, stimulating both sides of their brains!

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Read and write the vocabulary words taught
  • Be inspired to create different artworks from the shapes of the words
  • Understand the composition, lines and present square depth, shadow
  • Understand colours (primary, secondary) and its harmonies (adjacent, contrasting, complementary)

Course Format:

  • Learn the magic: engaging storytelling animation that introduce the different vocabulary words such as ant, bee, cat, cobra, etc., while getting your child to start thinking creatively of ways to create art inspired by the words.
  • Drawing time: templates are provided for your child to use and start on their own masterpieces. They can submit photos of their artwork upon completion!


Upon completion of the full course, your child will receive an “Imaginative Little Artist 想象力小画家” certificate!

Basic Scratch Course《少儿编程基础课》

In this course, your child will get plenty of opportunities to explore with Scratch software, and build their own animation stories!

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Master the Scratch software to create their own simple animation masterpieces with guidance provided
  • Cultivate their creativity and imagination
  • Develop their logical thinking ability, and learn to think out of the box!

Course Format:

  • There will be an introduction to the software with examples of possible animation that your child can eventually create too!
  • Step-by-step tutorial guide for your child to follow along and build their own animation masterpieces
  • Built-in Scratch software in the platform, together with a whole library of ready-made graphic assets for your child to choose and use in their own creation

Orff Music Enlighten Course (Intermediate) 《奥尔夫音乐启蒙课:中班》

This series consist of 4 themes of courses that integrates the advanced international music education system based on Orff teaching method. It upholds the “people-oriented” education concept, using music to guide your child to perceive the world and construct multi-disciplinary thinking.

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Understand about rhythms, and body rhythms
  • Appreciate different famous mandarin songs
  • Play various percussion, together along with different songs and beats.

Course Format:

  • Each theme is accompanied with various mandarin songs and dance, that teaches different aspects of rhythms and musical patterns.
  • Each song comes with a story, that will be narrated and told before the song, so that your child can better appreciate the songs.
  • Along with the story, each song is accompanied with a dance, which is broken down into parts for your child to learn easily. Your child can create a performance with song and dance, together with their friends or even with their family!

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