Magic Transforming Series: Words

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by Bao Bei Ji Hua
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Tap on your creative side and transform what you have learnt through the use of art. In this course, your child will learn 20 words and apply what they have learnt creatively, stimulating both sides of the brain!


Specification: Magic Transforming Series: Words

Age Group 4 - 5 YO5 - 6 YO> 7 YO
Course Tier
Language ZH
Themes ARTS.T.E.A.M.

Learning Objectives

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Learn to read and write the words taught
  • Create an artwork inspired by the shapes of the words
  • Grasp a better understanding of art techniques such as composition, depth, shadows and colours (primary/secondary/adjacent/contrasting/complementary) in art

Course Outline

  • Learn the magic: 
    Storytelling and introduction to the word, and getting students to start creatively thinking of ways to create art inspired by the words.
  • Drawing time:
    Students will start on their own artwork and submit them upon completion.

Target Audience

4 – 8 years old


Upon completion, your child will receive a BBJH “想象力小画家” (Imaginative Little Artist) certification.

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