This bundle is recommended for children aged 5-6 years or in K2. It consists of courses that introduces reading and vocabulary through fun interactive storybooks that come alive with animation, audio and games; and further sparking their interest in art through verbal and visual word association!

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Preparing your child for the start of their schooling life? Right here at KidsQwest, we have just what your child needs! Our MegaTots package offers courses that develops your child’s imagination, creativity, reading and literacy skills. Click on the different tabs to find out more information about each of the courses included in this package.

The courses offered in this package includes:

  • Magic Transformation Series: Words
  • STELLAR English Programme (Advanced)
  • Read Aloud Series: Book A – Z

Specification: MegaTots

Age Group 5 - 6 YO
Course Tier
Language ZHENG

Magic Transformation Series: Words

In this series, your child will be able to tap on their creative side and transform what they have learned through the use of art. Your child gets to learn new vocabulary words and apply the learning creatively, stimulating both sides of their brains!

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Read and write the vocabulary words taught
  • Be inspired to create different artworks from the shapes of the words
  • Understand the composition, lines and present square depth, shadow
  • Understand colours (primary, secondary) and its harmonies (adjacent, contrasting, complementary)

Course Format:

  • Learn the magic: engaging storytelling animation that introduce the different vocabulary words such as ant, bee, cat, cobra, etc., while getting your child to start thinking creatively of ways to create art inspired by the words.
  • Drawing time: templates are provided for your child to use and start on their own masterpieces. They can submit photos of their artwork upon completion!


Upon completion of the full course, your child will receive an “Imaginative Little Artist 想象力小画家” certificate!

STELLAR English Programme (Advanced)

STELLAR English Programme is a self-directed, plug-and-play, online learning systematic English reading and communication programme. There are total of four different themes, with four storybooks each, filled with various educational songs and digitised activities.

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Become STELLAR speakers, STELLAR Readers, and STELLAR Listeners with STELLAR Behaviour
  • Develop their English language skills by practising reading tones, reading speeds and vocabulary use
  • Improve their expressive ability through educational songs, interactive learning activities, vocabulary cards, storybook review cards, narrations, and built-in assessment exercises
  • Elevate their reading and verbal fluency for life-long academic success
  • Think Smart, Act Smart, and Speak Smart! They will be able to answer open-ended questions about the storybooks, and confidently share their opinions on the different themes, such as saving Earth, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Course Format:

  • There are total of four storybooks in each theme, consisting of various educational songs and digitised activities. Each storybook is separated into two learning sessions for optimal learning results.
  • At the beginning of each theme, there is a THEME LETTER to introduce the four storybooks and their authors/illustrators.
  • Each storybook comes with interactive learning activities, vocabulary learning, storybook review and narrations, and assessment exercises for your child to practise with.


Upon completion of all four storybooks in each learning theme, a completion certificate will be awarded to your child. When your child complete all four learning themes, a Singapore ACTs of life’s Graduation Certificate will be issued to your child too!

Read Aloud Series: Book A - Z

This series is an online reading programme with audio, visual prompts and interactive elements which helps your child to reinforce and inspire literacy skills and enjoyment as they read.

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Recognise the letters and words within the text of a book
  • Develop important reading and literacy skills
  • Enhance their language skills development, along with creativity and imagination

Course Format:

  • There are total of 26 titles, each covering one letter of the alphabet (A – Z)
  • Each storybook features interactive reading components, together with educational videos and activities
  • At the end of each book, your child can practise what they have read through simple recap activities!

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