Music for the Intelligent MindTM (MIM®) for Nursery (1A)

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From conception, children are able to learn quickly and easily but will gradually lose this ability as they grow older — unless positively stimulated through simple learning techniques. This “window of opportunity” to easily develop whole-brain capabilities is open until about age 7.

MIM® for NURSERY (1A) aims to stimulate and tickle the music brain of children 3 and 4 years old with colourful pictures/animation, activities and music games, percussion instruments (pitched and unpitched) and piano (keyboard ) playing.

It cultivates children’s musical talent, exposing them to the sounds of different instruments, encourages piano (keyboard) playing, early note reading, rhythmic training, aural training, concentration training, memory training- photographic and audio, recognition of keys and relative pitch training. This early exposure helps them tremendously in their future path in becoming a fine musician.

Course Objectives

Children will begin to learn music in a more methodical approach. Music literacy is taught in tandem with the development of fundamental percussion and piano (keyboard) skills. They will acquire basic sight reading, auditory, memory, and rhythmic skills, which they will apply in the ensemble session in the lesson.

Course Outline

Notation in the treble clef from middle C to G, as well as duple, triple and quadruple meter rhythmic patterns. Music symbols will be used to represent dynamics, tempo, and articulations. Children learn to recognize and memorize the visual and acoustic characteristics of a variety of instruments.  One of the essential components of this level is piano (keyboard) skills.

Target Audience

3 – 4 years old

Course Delivery and Duration

32 lessons (32 weeks)


E-Certificate upon completion of the MIM® for Nursery (1A)

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