Read Aloud Series: F – J

The REAL Kids Read Aloud Series is developed by a team of early childhood specialists. The series features 26 interactive eStorybooks with educational videos, one for each letter of the alphabet (A-Z). It introduces and exposes children to the sounds of different letters through fun and lively stories. There is a great variety of book genres offered within the REAL kids Read Aloud Series to enhance children’s language skills development as well as creativity and imagination.


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The REAL Kids Read Aloud Series is an online reading programme with audio,  visual prompts as well as interactive elements which helps children to reinforce and inspire literacy skills and enjoyment as children read. 

The programme is a package of 26 titles, each title covering one letter of the alphabet (A-Z). This is a fun way for your pre-readers and emergent readers to practice letter recognition within the text of a book. From learning ABC’s to concepts of print, your child can use the REAL Kids Read Aloud Series to learn important reading skills. They will work on listening skills, concepts of print, pre-reading skills, and much more that will help them become lifelong readers. At the end of each book, children will get to watch educational videos of different topics related to animals, insects, fruits, and many more. 

The series is suitable for children between the ages of 4 to 6. Each storybook will take approximately 30 minutes.

Specification: Read Aloud Series: F – J

Age Group 4 - 5 YO5 - 6 YO
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Read Aloud Series: F – J
Read Aloud Series: F – J


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