Super Brain (Level One)


by Advo
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Course Information

Children will get to embark on an adventure to explore four unique islands that will teach them key learnings that will help them excel in the real world. Each of the islands represent a key learning point and the children will be guided by a SuperBrain that will assist the children in completing their adventure. An additional surprise is that spread throughout the adventure are several cute characters for the children to collect. The more quests they complete, the more characters they will unlock!

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, children will learn:

1) To be empowered with memory techniques to encode and retrieve information easily.
2) To eliminate unnecessary stimuli and improve their focus and concentration.
3) To solve problems in a more effective manner which has direct impact to their academics.
4) To solve everyday problems that require spatial reasoning

Course Outline

Level 1: Memory Module
Level 2: Concentration Module
Level 3: Logic Module
Level 4: Spatial Module

Course Duration

8 hours


Basic level of reading in the English Language

Basic level of reading in the English Language

  • Children aged 5 years old and above (where the first language is English)

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