“Yes, I See!” Series


by Josiah
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Welcome to the Josiah’s Nursery Digital lessons – “Yes, I See!” Series! This series is crafted based on the Josiah’s Montessori Culture Theme. The content is fully complied with the Singapore Nurture Early Learners (NEL) curriculum framework as well as Integrated Thematic Learning Method, making it super beneficial for all young children ages 2-4.

“Yes, I See!” series is an ideal starter programme for any parent who wants to expose their children to English language in a fun and non-threatening way. It is crafted with young children in mind whereby they learning English vocabulary based on the themes that we have selected. From learning how to say Hello, to about family members, farm animals, sizes, types of food, traffic safety and even ocean creatures, every unit is filled with cute pictures as well as fun and interactive activities.

Along with this programme is the teacher’s guide. Teachers can use the guide to conduct lessons and provide this DLR as a reward to children when they do well! Parents can also use the teacher’s guide to value add to their children learning by doing the extra activities at home!

So let your child discover the world through the “Yes, I See!” series with Josiah right now!

Specification: “Yes, I See!” Series

Age Group 4 - 5 YO5 - 6 YO
Course Tier
Language ENG

Course Objectives

1) Master Vocabulary based on Themes
2) Learn about things, people and items in relation to children’s daily lives
3) Develop skills in: Observation, Auditory, Oral, Communication & Social Emotional

Course Outline

Units Details:
1. Hello from Singapore
2. Family
3. Food
4. Pets
5. Colour & Art
6. Size
7. Sky
8. Ocean
9. Safety
10. Numbers

Target Age Group

2 to 4 years old (with parental guidance) or preschool teachers to be used as in class teaching resources

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