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by Agape Little Uni
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声、韵、调的学习是语音学习的基本内容。汉语拼音仍是很多家长和幼 儿的弱项,即使很家长有心想辅导孩子也只能有心无力。多数人读不准拼音,更别说拼读汉语拼音,有 些人甚至把汉语拼音和英文字母相混淆或洋腔洋调。学一门语言最宝贵的时期是儿童,错过了则一生遗憾。A DREAM ACADEMY 看到了家长们的疑虑,听到了幼儿们的心声,从而推出本课程《加加倍倍学拼音》。

The study of sound, rhyme and tones is the basic content of phonetical learning. Chinese Pinyin is still a weakness for many parents and children. Even if many parents want to help their children, they are not sure on how to do so. Most people cannot use Hanyu Pinyin well. Some people even confuse Hanyu Pinyin with English. The most precious time to learn a language is during early childhood. If you miss it, you will regret it for a lifetime. Therefore, ADream Hanyu Pinyin course is meant to help children master Hanyu Pinyin.

Specification: ADream 汉语拼音 Level 1

Age Group 5 - 6 YO> 7 YO
Course Tier
Language ZH

Learning Objectives

本课程针对5岁以上的幼儿,运 用声音、色彩、动画等多媒体教学策略,使用游戏教学法,解决汉语拼音的重难点。在结束本课程后幼儿能够快速 拼读汉语拼音,也能借助汉语拼音自主识字,加快识字和阅读的步伐,从而增长知识、发展语言、发展智力。

This course is aimed for children over 5 years old. It incorporates the use of multimedia teaching strategies such as sound, color, and animation and the use of game to learn the most challenging points of Hanyu Pinyin. After completing this course, children can quickly spell and read using Hanyu Pinyin, and can also use Hanyu Pinyin to learn characters independently. As a result, their language proficiency, reading and literacy skills would greatly increase.

Course Outline

Session Learning Focus学习重点
1 Single Vowel 单韵母α o
2 Single Vowel单韵母e i
3 Single Vowel单韵母 u ü
4 Consonant声母b p
5 Consonant声母m f
6 Consonant声母d t
7 Consonant声母n l
8 Consonant声母g k h
9 Consonant声母j q x
10 Consonant声母z c s
11 Consonant声母zh ch sh r
12 Semi-vowel半元音y w
13 Compound vowel 复韵母αi ei
14 Compound vowel复韵母αo ou uo
15 Compound vowel复韵母iu ui
16 Compound vowel复韵母ie üe er
17 Compound vowel复韵母iα uα
18 Compound vowel复韵母iαo uαi
19 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母ɑn en
20 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母un ün
21 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母ɑng eng ong
22 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母in ing
23 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母uɑn üɑn
24 Nasal Vowel鼻韵母uɑng iɑn

Target Audience

五岁以上的幼儿 Children who are 5 years old and above

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