Magic Transforming Series: Numbers (0-9)


by Bao Bei Ji Hua
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Tap on your creative side and transform what you have learnt through the use of art. In this course, your child will learn the numbers 0-9 and apply what they have learnt creatively, stimulating both sides of the brain!

Specification: Magic Transforming Series: Numbers (0-9)

Age Group 4 - 5 YO5 - 6 YO> 7 YO
Course Tier
Language ZH
Themes ARTS.T.E.A.M.

Learning Objectives

Through this course, your child will be able to:

  • Learn to read and write the numbers “0” to “9”
  • Create an artwork inspired by the shapes of the numbers “0” to “9”
  • Grasp a better understanding of art techniques such as composition, depth, shadows and colours (primary/secondary/adjacent/contrasting/complementary) in art

Course Outline

  • Learn the magic: Storytelling and introduction to the numbers “0” to “9”, and getting students to start creatively thinking of ways to create art inspired by the numbers “0” to “9”.
  • Drawing time: Students will start on their own artwork and submit them upon completion.

Target Audience

4 – 8 years old


Upon completion, your child will receive a BBJH “想象力小画家” (Imaginative Little Artist) certification.

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